Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It Could Happen To You

So, you're on the beach, exposing your nearly translucent parts to the sun, and all of a sudden you're star struck!

That looks like... No, it can't be... Is it???? Brad Pitt?!?! OH MY GOSH! Brad FREAKING Pitt just walked past me! AND he smiled!

Then, a few days later, the photo proof:Uh-oh. Nice picture of Brad, not so nice picture of lady in a bikini with belly bulge hanging out.

I do this not to poke fun at the gal who dared to wear a two piece with that body. I do it because it could be any one of us. It would be just my luck that the one time I get to meet a Pitt or a Clooney it's when I'm out without makeup, curls that have settled into their own style and stained clothes.

Two options: accept that as reality or resolve to never EVER leave the house without looking in such a way that I would not be mortified to see my photo in a magazine.

Just food for thought.
[photo via Us Magazine]
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