Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Weird, But I Like It

Those rings have some pretty special ridges. They're actually fingerprints!

Those of you who know me may recall I have a list of bad ways to die. Basically everything on that list includes me knowing my death is imminent. I want to go in my sleep - no pain, no fear.

Back to the rings...

I've always wondered if there's some way of making it easy for police to identify my body should I ever be dumped somewhere. I think I've found a way! Now the site that sells these rings is in Britain, so someone will need to do the conversion for me (I've never really understood, just always paid in dollars, getting a pocket full of native currency in return).

Creepy or cool? I vote for cool. I also like these pieces of art made from your own DNA or fingerprints. See, then there'd be another way for the po-po to ID me!
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