Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike Is Out To Get ME

Maybe not just me. But this hurricane has its sights on Texas, and that could wreck the next few days for me.

My family is also on alert. Not everyone is leaving the coast and that makes me a little nervous. I don't like the idea of them sitting in the house waiting out the storm. We've done it in years past, but it's never had the potential to be this big of a storm. Now, if they get word that Ike will be a category 5, it could be too late for them to leave - they could be stuck in traffic. And that is the LAST place anyone should be when a hurricane starts approaching land. Luckily, rank has its privileges. Instead of being out on the streets, my dad will be working out of the EOC, so he should be safe there. Hopefully he'll be able to get out of there and can make it home OK so my mom and fursister aren't home alone when the storm hits.

Then, there's my little family here. I worry about my furkids being safe while I'm at work. I can only hope we get some rain with a little bit of wind. I am going to bring in everything off my back patio so it doesn't come crashing into the house.

And my friends and co-workers who will be out in the storm are also on my mind. I'll be working in a building with few windows, but sometimes leaks like someone has peeled open the roof. I know our crews who will be out covering the storm know how to prepare for it and to get out of the way when the time is right.

So the ideal situation? Ike makes landfall in a sparsely populated area full of trees and brush and weakens before it reaches people. I wouldn't wish this storm to go to Louisiana or anywhere east of there. They just can't handle the rain. Maybe it's Katrina on my mind, but I just hate to think of a storm having such power that it could put those I care about in danger.

That said, I'm trying not to think too much about that stuff. Just focus on the smaller tasks - for now.
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