Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're Not All Like This

I'm all for showing a little Texas pride, but, REALLY?
THIS is how Republicans from my Great State choose to represent? In big ol' hats and matching shirts. Clones.

This just fuels the stereotypes of Texans. If you've never met any of us, allow me to break some myths.

  • We do not all wear cowboy hats and boots every day.
  • Not all of us own cows and horses and live on ranches.
  • We have not forgotten that our State can secede from the Union, though it's a slim minority that fights to do so.
  • We are not all fans of country music.
There are many more things that just aren't true. But I will leave you with this: just because we don't look like those yahoos, that doesn't mean we don't love Texas. Trust me. If you mess with Texas, we'll hunt you down and give you a good ol' butt whippin'.

Wanna try us?
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