Monday, September 22, 2008

So Sweet

Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Laura & Jon's wedding. I say it's a privilege because just knowing this couple is such a joy! These two are the among the world's sweetest, kindest people.

Their wedding was just perfect - and fun! Then, the reception was held at this cute little ranch. They had these little boxes at each seat filled with M&M's with their names and the date of the wedding. I brought my camera in hopes of snapping a few pictures of the couple and our friends. However, when I finally decided to start taking pictures, they dimmed the lights and that made it hard for me to take a good picture (despite my little flash).

Here's the best one I took of Laura & Jon:

I know people often say you can tell a couple is meant to be together. But these two truly are soul mates. They compliment each other well. I look forward to watching grow from newlyweds to an old married couple - oh, and parents, too (no pressure).
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