Monday, September 1, 2008

The State Fair Will Kill You!

That is deep fried bacon, served with your choice of ranch or honey mustard dressing. It's the latest deep fried fare to join the menu at the State Fair of Texas.

You'll also find:
  • fried banana split: battered and fried balls of banana and honey peanut butter, caramel, chocolate and ice cream
  • fire & ice: a battered and fried pineapple ring covered with banana-flavored whipped cream frozen in liquid nitrogen, covered with strawberries and syrup
  • chocolate covered strawberry waffle balls: the berries are covered in a chocolate shell, dipped in waffle batter, fried, covered in powdered sugar and served on a stick
  • fried chocolate truffles: dark chocolate truffle covered in cocoa powder, battered, fried, dusted in cinnamon, sugar and cocoa powder
  • deep fried s'mores: marshmallow cream and chocolate chips between graham crackers, battered, fried, dusted in powder sugar
  • fried Jelly Belly: the jellybeans are battered and fried
  • fried grilled cheese sandwich: cheese, two pieces of bread, battered, fried, sprayed with butter
For fun, watch the video with this story to see what the judges have to say. Is it wrong that I'm a little grossed out AND a little hungry just looking at them?
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