Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess Who's Stupid?


I can't believe I forgot about this! Last night, there was a UT student from our town arrested for making threats at school. I ordered up a graphic. It was supposed to say "Student Arrested." Instead, this went down:

Me: Hellooooo?
Art Guy: Stupid arrested?
Me: Yep. He sure was.
Art Guy: No. Do you want your graphic to say "stupid arrested?"
Me: Why would I want tha---oh. Did I write "stupid arrested?"
Art Guy: Yes.
Me: Well, when I said stupid, I meant STUDENT. (I might have spelled it out). It is stupid.
Art Guy: Yes.

I'm glad he's patient with me. That's one thing it takes to put up with me. I think that's funny. Know why? Because I'm not patient. Just stupid.
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