Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HIMYM: The Bro Code

Oh, Barnabus Stinson! You made the Bro Code, you must abide by it!
Last night's show started with Barney & Robin in her bed after doing... you know. They agree on one plan: it never happened (because that ALWAYS works). Barney gives it a shot.
Barney: Robin! Guess who nailed the chick from Metro News One? (High Five)
There are many moments of awkwardness with Barney and the gang. Barney gets Marshall to work for him, so he can have that attorney-client privilege, then tells Marshall what happened. He wants Marshall to prove he didn't do anything wrong.
Barney: I didn't break any state or federal laws, but I think I broke a much higher law: the Bro Code.
Now, this "code" has all kinds of bro-centric rules. Here are a few:
  • Bros before hos
  • The mother of a bro is off-limits, the stepmother is fair game
  • Bros cannot make eye contact in a devil's three-way
  • Bros alert other bros to girl fights
  • No sex with a bro's ex

Barney says the Code was written in 1776 when Ben Franklin and George Washington decided to establish some rules. Ben says he was cod-piece blocked. Along comes Barnabus Stinson and he writes the Code and the rest is history.

Lilly invites a farmer (who shows up drunk) with a goat to her classroom. He then tells her kindergartners that he's taking the goat to a butcher. Lilly winds up taking the goat home.

More awkward moments with Marshall trying to keep the secret, but Robin figures it out. She tells Ted. OH! Almost forgot - it's Ted's 30th birthday. Ooops!

This is why Barney picks him up in a limo and tells him he's taking him to Vegas instead of his surprise party. Barney says he wanted him to be happy, then told him he slept with Robin. Ted already knew that. He told Barney he wasn't mad, then said, "My mom is coming into town next week. MAYBE YOU'D LIKE TO NAIL HER, TOO!" Barney gives Ted a free hit, Ted punches him in the groin (that's MY style!)! Barney apologizes. Ted tells Barney he's been putting stuff in a box labeled "Things I Have No Use For," then tells Barney he belongs there. He says he doesn't think they should be friends anymore. Then, Ted goes on to his surprise party, leaving Barney alone in the limo. :(

The very last part of the show caught me. You see, they kept flashing to the goat in the bathroom eating something. Future Ted says, "The goat locked herself in the bathroom and was eating Robin's washcloth. Wait. Robin wasn't living in the apartment on my 30th birthday. That was my 31st!"

And black.

Why are they toying with me? If Robin isn't Ted's babymama, who is? I wish they knew when they were ending this show (a la Lost) so the writers could focus on us meeting the mother. That's the whole premise behind this show!

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