Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girl Time

So, I'm watching the latest "Desperate Housewives" and have to say I think Eva Longoria is turning out to be one fine actress. She has incredible comic timing. When she's challenged by a guy in a wheelchair after parking in a handicapped spot (she has a tag, thanks to Carlos' blindness), she has this to say, "Don't play victim with me. I have to walk in heels all day. You get to sit in a chair and roll." She then gets into a scuffle with the guy after he tries to call police. She pushes him away, then says, "Well, it's official. I'm going to hell."

She later has a meltdown with Carlos, whom she's conned into riding around in the car and staying put after she parks in her new privileged spots. Carlos gets mad that Gabrielle is taking advantage of his condition. She has a meltdown about it, with her worrying whether she's left the toothpaste on the left side of the sink so Carlos can find it. Very touching moment between the two. I think she may win a little something next awards season.

Now, I have to rant a little, because while I was trying to watch the show, I was in a dish fight with apparently two of my neighbors. One wants to watch a novela, the other wants to watch one of those shopping channels. This is why I'm not sticking with the Dish Network when my contract expires! Jerks!!

Then, I saw this and it made me happy.

Counting the days...
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