Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Saturday Night

My Saturday night started with a friendly poker match. However, the cards weren't so friendly. This was pretty much the hand I was dealt all night.

Isn't that pretty? I basically played only when I had to post the big blind, and that was until people started placing real bets. I played two games. At both tables, poker virgins sat down and went on to win. Beginners luck. Whatever. It just irritated me. I did have a couple of decent hands, but it wasn't enough to get me any big pots.

I did accomplish my usual goal of not being the first one out. I know I should set my sights on actually winning it all, but at least this way I'm not disappointed!

Once I decided the third time would not be the charm for me, I left for a Fiesta party. Now, if you aren't from San Antonio and have never been to Fiesta you should at the very least take a look at it online. If you like cascarones, carnivals, parades, food from booths with shady people serving, crowds and the potential to become a victim of gang crime, this is right up your alley. Sadly, it's not my thing. The closest I get to it is walking a couple of blocks from work to get parade food (see, I can live on the edge) while catching glimpses of a parade with my co-workers.
Back to the party...

Upon my arrival, the night's host greets me and insists we take a picture. The next thing I know, I hear a crack and look up to see confetti raining down on me. I know I have explained to my friend why I hate confetti. You see, I have really curly hair and it's not easy to get these little bits of colored paper out of my hair.

I immediately decide I must seek revenge. However, I don't want to do something that will force his girlfriend to clean it up. With a little help, I get my hands on his car keys and strike back.

I know I did four eggs, but I remember being handed a few more. Will he be clearing confetti out of his car longer that I will in my hair? You can bet on that. Maybe that's a bet I can win!
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