Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'd Like To Be THAT Guy

So, I'm surfing the web, looking for news for my show (no web shopping - I promise). I come across this headline:

Houston man's water bill a $99,000 comedy of errors

I'm intrigued. I click on the link. This dude mailed a $99,000 check hoping to buy a CD (certificate of deposit, not compact disc). Instead, he mailed it to the utility company and they credited his account. That means he would not have to pay a water bill for the next ... wait for it ...

600 YEARS!

What was the knucklehead at the utility company thinking when they got this check? I imagine it went a little something like this:

One check for $99,000. OK. I'll put it to this account. Sure, he won't be around long enough to see every penny spent, but he's the moron who sent us the check. I won't ask any questions. Just make the deposit. OOOH. Maybe I should put my name on it and cash it, because that's more than I'll make in years! No. Deposit it to the utility company. Maybe I'll get a promotion.

It must be nice to just have $99,000 to send off in a check. The largest check I ever wrote was for less than 10% of that when I bought my house. That made me a little sick. 99-grand? I'd probably fall into a full vomit-palooza. Maybe that's why I don't have money like that to throw around.

If you want to read the story, click here. If you want to write me a check for $99,000, put your email in the comments section and I'll contact you. Don't bother trying to get me to buy into the UK lotto. I did that once and lost my life savings - all $34.94.
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