Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Name Is Earl, April 10

OK, I'm a few weeks behind on TV. But this afternoon, I've been getting caught up. I just watched Earl and it was pretty funny.

He's still in a coma, coping with it by running a little sitcom in his head, The Hickeys. The music sounds a lot like the theme from Three's Company.

Randy & Joy get Earl to drool on his list to decide what to cross off next. Their task: returning a motorcycle the brothers stole from those guys on American Chopper. It was a drunken caper, so Randy has to figure out where they left the bike.

We learn during this show of a big misunderstanding. Homeless Joe tells tells Randy Earl tried to kill him. Randy says, "I'm Randy. Earl wouldn't try to kill Randy. That's like peanut butter trying to kill jelly. Peanut butter wouldn't kill jelly. They're in the same sandwich."

Joy tells Randy they have to work backwards. She says, "Like when you rewound that video tape to see if Sharon Stone flashed her under-smile." Randy says, "She did show her undersmile." Joy says, "We need to figure out where Earl showed his undersmile." Crab Man says, "Metaphorically speaking." LOVE Crab Man!

Randy remembers that they left the bike on the roof of a trailer, where they were forced to hide when the cops came looking for them. Earl had hiccups, so Randy put his hand over Earl's face, making Earl pass out. Randy thinks he killed Earl. He says he feels terrhurtsible, kinda sangry. Earl thinks Randy tried to kill him, and now you know why Earl went after Randy.

Randy returns the bike, tells Earl and holds his hand while apologizing for trying to kill him. Earl squeezes Randy's hand, he gives him a hug and Earl's stats drop (that's ER speak for almost stops breathing) - TWICE.

I'm hoping Earl comes out of a coma soon, though I kinda like his sitcom life. I wonder how Alyssa Milano's character is doing... Maybe I'll get the answer on the next episode - when I get to it.

I'm off to watch some more TV while I do laundry!
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