Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walk In The Park

After one stormy night, I woke this morning to a beautiful Saturday morning.

Rather than stay inside watching TV in my pajamas all day, I chose to lace up my sneakers, put Charley in the car, and we drove to a nearby park for a walk. I could have walked to this park, but Charley's itty-bitty legs, move so slow I'd probably still be walking to that park!

Plus, he likes to sniff and mark everything - in that order!

While he was taking his sweet time, I stopped to look at a cactus in bloom.

We met an older lady with a dog, who told us there were bunnies that roam in the park, but we didn't see any of those. We finished our walk, got back in the car, and Charley was one happy dog!

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