Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Help A Girl Out

This cutie was found by my friend, Bill, while he was on chopper duty the other night. Here is his plea to get her back to her owner(s) or into a permanent home.

I found a stray dog without a collar or tags wandering around Stinson Airport Monday night 4-21-08. She was actually inside the fence heading for the runway. I did not want a plane to hit her so I picked her up and put her in the car. No one around would claim her so I ended up taking her home for the night. She is a very sweet all black Lab/pit bull mix puppy (I’m guessing 3 – 6 months). I took her to a nearby vet and had her examined by the vet (out of my own pocket) to make sure I wasn’t bringing anything home to my dog. They checked for a micro chip but couldn’t find one. She tested negative for worms but has a small patch of Demodectic Mange which according to the Vet is non-contagious. She is not spayed and probably need all vaccinations. She is very playful, gets along with my dog and does very well on loose leash walks. She has no training but is already learning to sit. She is afraid of going through doorways but has not shown any signs of aggression. I don’t think she is house trained. If not claimed in a few days I will turn her in to the Humane Society. If you can prove she is yours email me at
I've met her and she really is a sweetie. If I had a bigger yard, I'd consider keeping her. But if you or someone you know can help this dog out, please email Bill ASAP. I'd hate for her to meet an untimely end at the shelter just because she has some pit bull in her.
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