Thursday, April 24, 2008

Say A Prayer

Not for Obama (though, if you want to, I suppose he'd appreciate your prayers). That's my friend, Heidi, on the left. She's the one who could really use your prayers right now.

First, a little back story. Heidi is truly an incredible woman. She was in the Marines. She has four kids, the oldest is in college, the youngest is a toddler (all super cute). She's married to a great man who loves her and the kids dearly - even when they test his patience. You can tell from the picture she's a police officer. Heidi is one tough cookie. She doesn't take any you know what from anyone. That's one reason I like her. But she is also one of the best friends anyone can have. I met her when I was reporting, and we became fast friends - I believe it's been nine years since we met (wow!).

Now here's why I'm writing about her. She had surgery yesterday to remove part of her kidney, which was being invaded by cancer. The surgery went well and the doctor is optimistic that she'll be fine. It'll be a couple more days before the biopsy comes back. So until Heidi knows the results, it's a stressful time. That's why I'm asking you to say a little prayer and keep her in your thoughts. I honestly believe if anyone can give cancer the heave-ho, it's Heidi. I haven't told her that I'm writing this, but I know she'd appreciate all the positive thoughts and energy she can get. I'll let you know how things work out!
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