Sunday, April 20, 2008

ER, April 10

Did you give up on ER long ago? I haven't. I probably should have, but I have sat on my sofa for 14 seasons (!) and watched this show, even though I find myself getting bored of it. It's pretty much the same every week. Case in point, the new doc.

His name, though you'll probably forget it, is Simon Brinner. He's from England. And like just about every new guy they write into this show, he's a man whore. Kids, you don't need to know what that is. Just trust me when I say it's the opposite of how your parents want you to turn out. Adults, know that from the first seconds of the show, you see Simon in all his, um, glory. So played out!
This first post-strike episode should have made we want to rush to watch the next episode. Instead, I'm surfing the 50-some hours of recordings to determine what else I should watch.
Abby is still battling alcoholism and trying to save her marriage. Luka has resigned from the hospital and is living in Croatia with their baby. By the end of the episode, Abby is in Luka's arms at an airport there, presumably to try to convince her family she's not a boozehound. Spoiler alert: apparently that works. Both Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic only have a few episodes left before they leave County General and Chicago behind for good.
Sigh. I had such great hopes for the show, which will end next year (about seven years too late, IMHO). I'll probably keep watching. I do love Neela, and the next episode is about her. I'm curious to know why it appears she was walking through the ER nude.
Until then, I'm going to play DVR roulette and watch something else.
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