Friday, October 3, 2008

Too Much TV? BAH!

Since a couple of you voiced concern about my crazy long list of TV shows I plan to watch, I decided to consult one of my favorite pop culture bloggers. Well, imagine my surprise to find this on USA Today's site today:

I recently posted a ridiculously long list of TV shows I'll be watching this fall -- on my DVR as I work at night. I have received much criticism, as my friends know I also subscribe to Netflix. My question is this: How do you deal with people who think you're wasting your life by relaxing in front of the tube?

You should know that I do walk my dog every day. I also find time to read books and magazines. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, but some people think I just sit glued to my TV and laptop when I'm not at work. Should I just ignore them? Or should I try to convert them? -- Nicole Perez

Well, I'm lucky, because I can hide behind the fact that it's part of my job to watch television every night.

But really, I'm betting several people who criticized you also watch a lot of TV. The difference is, they've never sat down and mapped out just how much time they spend doing it. In any case, if it makes you happy, why feel bad about it? Like you said, you have a job while you can watch while you work. You do other stuff with your life besides sit in front of the tube. And I'm guessing you have lots to talk about at dinner parties. Enjoy the fall season, though don't be afraid to drop a show or two if they start to bore you -- I'm already doing that myself!

See? What's the harm? I do actually leave my house for more than work. I socialize when I feel like it. I'm not a shut-in.

Oh - and I have dropped one show so far (it wasn't on the list, but I added it to the DVR lineup out of curiosity). Worst Week was more like "worst half hour of television I've seen in a long time." So there. I can quit some shows. Now, some of those that made my list have not come out yet, so I'm sure I'll drop some more.

Just consider me the gal to ask about what to watch on TV. There's a good chance I've seen it, read about it or dismissed it before it airs.

And to all you Candy readers who have come to my blog, thanks for stopping by. While you're here, tell me what you watch on the tube!
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