Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's Wrong With This?

It's Fashion Week in Paris and those are the looks from Balenciaga. Now, I've peeked at some of the other pieces coming down the runway and I have to say, if that's how Spring looks, I hope we have four more weeks of Winter.

It's all so harsh - from the makeup and hair to the subtle use of sequins to try to soften the clothes. And then there's the issue of the models...

These girls look hungry. It's in their eyes. Look at the rest of them. They're BEGGING for a hamburger!

If the whole package is meant for us to ooh and aah and anticipate all of this coming to the stores, then I'm either a) out of touch, b) delusional or c) a much better judge of mental health than I thought.

We'll see if the girls start dressing like that soon. Fingers crossed it doesn't work out that way. Perhaps this blog will come back to haunt me in six months...
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