Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Fall TV Lineup UPDATE

I have cut some shows out of my life. Not just because I have too much on my DVR, but because, let's face it, some shows just aren't good. If you want to see what I planned to watch, go here.

Here's what I'm not watching:
  • Eli Stone - I was on the fence about this after last season. I didn't make it through the first episode. I kept sighing and rolling my eyes at it. Buh-bye.
  • Kath & Kim - This is like a SNL skit that goes on way too long (don't they do that with most skits these days?). I'm sure the original version was fun. This one, not so much. Gone.
  • Crusoe - I never started this. I figured even though the show has a limited run, each episode is an hour long and I just didn't want to get into it. If it's any good, they'll re-run it later. I can catch it then. Otherwise, I figure it's not that big of a loss.
  • The Ex List - Another show that didn't get any of my time. I never bothered to add it to my list of shows to record. Not hearing a lot of buzz about it, so I figure I'm not missing anything.
I'm still on the fence about Pushing Daisies. Just when I think I'll quit it, it makes me laugh (Sister Christian? Motoring? Come on! That was funny!). I'm also putting Dirty Sexy Money and Lipstick Jungle on notice. I kind of wish I would have quit one of those shows so I could record The Mentalist. I saw the first episode and liked it, but now I can't record it because of the last two shows.

New shows I'm loving:
  • True Blood - Yes, it's like vampire porn some weeks, but it's so well done!
  • My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater in a role very much like Jason Bourne? Yes, please!
  • 90210 - Guilty pleasure! And I'm hoping Dylan will come back!
  • Fringe - Yes, the idea of taking a dude out of the looney bin to go to some secret lab at Harvard to figure out what "The Pattern" is all about is far fetched - especially when he says things like "I wet my pants." Still, I'm intrigued by these wild experiments!
  • Life on Mars - It's cool. I'm not sure if this guy is in a coma or if he has traveled in time, but I'm sticking by it to find out!
So what are you watching? Let me know in the comments!
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