Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charley's a Wiener - AND a Winner!

Last weekend, the rescue group where I found Charley (Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas) had its adopter's reunion. I call it "Wienerpalooza." There are wiener dogs everywhere and they are all sizes and colors! They do a costume contest, give out free hot dogs (of the eating kind - the real hot dogs are not free). We took Charley's friend, Lucy the Beagle, with us. She's the big dog at the park! But with all that, my favorite part is the races!

Last year, Charley was entered and he didn't finish. He took a couple of steps, then turned and went far, far away from all the action. This year, I had a strategy. I took a squeaky tennis ball. I put some of Charley's favorite treats in a bag. Then, with mom holding him at the starting line, I walked down towards him, squeaking the ball. To make sure I had his attention, I let him smell the treats. Then, he was trying to get them. I walked backwards, squeaking the ball and shaking the treat bag at him. Then, they said, "GO!" and my mom gave him a good launch. I called his name, squeaked the ball and waved the treat bag. Then, he crossed the finish line!
He placed second - the dog to my right crossed before Charley. I was very proud of him! He got his special treats and we all piled into the car and went home. I told Charley that next year, he'll win! Or else...
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