Sunday, August 17, 2008

What I'll Be Watching This Fall

Last week, Julie and I looked at the Fall TV lineup to plan what our DVRs will be recording. I will admit it's insane for one person to watch this much TV, but you should know some of these shows will be canceled, or I'll reject them after the first episode or two. I just want you to see what I love and what I think will be worth checking out. I'm including links so you can read about them to decide if you'll want to check them out.

  • Entourage - This show returns to HBO September 7th. I cannot wait! I love the relationship between Ari & Lloyd more than I like the boys.
  • True Blood - This one debuts on September 7th. It's a vampire series - a first for me. I'm willing to check it out because it's HBO and I figure it can't be that bad.
  • Mad Men - I've been watching the second season of this show for a few weeks already. LOVE IT!
  • Breaking Bad - This is supposed to return in the fall, though I'm not sure when.
  • Desperate Housewives - This one doesn't return until September 28th. It will be five years into the future.
  • Brothers and Sisters - It also returns on September 28th. I might give up on this. It will have to really hook me when the season starts, otherwise, I'll leave these siblings behind.
  • Dancing With The Stars - I don't just watch this so I can blog. I watch it because I like the pseudo-celebrities trying to dance. It returns September 22nd. The stars will be announced in a week. I can't wait to see if the ones I predicted on the work blog make the cut!
  • How I Met Your Mother - At this point, it doesn't matter that much who the "mother" is. I just want to see Barney and wish I didn't have to wait until September 22nd to see him. The rest of the cast is great, too, it's just that Barney makes me laugh out loud every week. LOVE IT!
  • Samantha Who? - Christina Applegate has great comedic timing! This show is cute and funny. Get your giggle on October 6th.
  • My Own Worst Enemy - This is a new show. It stars Christian Slater, which is why I'll check it out. But if I don't love it right away, I'll say buh-bye. Look for this one October 13th.
  • The Hills - Yes, I'm too old for this show. Still, the cattiness is silly. The fact that it's scripted is obvious. I still watch it. Besides, they play good music and MTV has finally gotten around to popping that info up so you can add to your music collection.
  • 90210 - I know I'm not a teenager. I still want to know what became of the gang now that they're my age and working with the kids at West Beverly. You know you're curious!
  • DWTS - It's elimination night! I have to know which star's dancing days are done.
  • Fringe - This is by J.J. Abrams, the brain behind LOST. This could be too much sci-fi for me, but I'll still check it out when it debuts September 9th.
  • Eli Stone - Will George Michael still influence this show? If not, I'll still watch when it returns October 14th. I think.
  • Pushing Daisies - This show is quirky and cute and oh-so-funny! I can't wait for it to return October 1st!
  • Private Practice - Whiny doctors with lots of drama in their lives. It's not the best medical show out there, but I'll consider keeping this in the rotation when it returns October 1st.
  • Dirty Sexy Money - This is one messed up family! What's more entertaining than a couple of sex scandals and a money grab? This one returns October 1st.
  • Lipstick Jungle - I miss "Sex and The City." This does not completely fill the void, but it'll do. Plus, it has one thing SATC never had: Andrew McCarthy! It returns September 24th.
  • Ugly Betty - This hour-long dramedy always cracks me up! I have to know whose offer Betty is taking when the show returns September 25th.
  • My Name Is Earl - I love every one of these main characters. They all have great one-liners that make me laugh. This one is also back on September 25th.
  • Kath & Kim - I know, Brit rip-off. But it looks funny. I'll check it out October 9th.
  • Grey's Anatomy - I can tolerate the whining and complaining because the medical procedures they do are INSANE! Plus, the boys are not hard to watch. I just have to wait until September 25th for the new episodes.
  • The Office - I love this show so much, I have my DVR set to record all episodes -not just the new ones! I've also been watching the webisodes to help get me through the summer. I can't wait for this one to come back September 25th.
  • Life on Mars - This one is new. It's a cop-drama that involves some time travel. If it hooks me October 9th, I'll keep watching.
  • ER - I'm one of, like, three people I know still watching this show. I refuse to quit it, even though it's predictable. Also, Ray is returning. Oh, and this is the show's last hurrah. We've made it this far, might as well see it through to the end. The final countdown begins September 25th.
  • Crusoe - This is a 13-part series based on the book by the same name. If it's not too corny, I'll keep it. Look for this one October 17th.
  • The Ex List - This new show could be cheesy. Still, I think it might be worth a look-see when it debuts October 3rd.
  • Life - This is a cop show I got hooked on in the spring. I love Damian Lewis from when he was on Band of Brothers, so I'm a little more patient with this series than some people might be. This one is back September 29th.
I cannot wait for everything to return, though I still have stuff on my DVR I need to get rid of - like the whole last season of LOST - so I have room for the new season. That's what I'll be watching. Tell me what you're watching (without judgment of my list) in the comments section!
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