Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lessons From A Burglar

A cat burglar who admitted to taking millions in property from LA-area home owners has agreed to tell police his secrets. He recorded a 70-minute video, giving some of the following tips to police:
  • Older victims in well-kept homes were an easy mark, not so much because they were vulnerable, but because he reasoned they accumulated more expensive things.
  • He sought out those who were angry and distrustful of institutions like banks, essentially the mattress-money set who he rightly bet would keep cash, precious metals or other lucrative goods within easy striking distance.
  • He tried to blend in to the normal activities of a neighborhood, scouting his targets while going on walks in an expensive jogging suit. He also rehearsed his exit strategy, adhering to the rule to never panic or run when confronted.
You can read the whole story here. But your friend Nicole hopes you'll take a good look at your home and protect yourself from a crafty criminal like this guy. See? I'm helpful!
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