Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have previously written about my addiction to magazines.

Friends, I am happy to report it has FINALLY paid off!

Glamour magazine is one of my faves! I love looking at the Do's and Don'ts - and hope that my look does not fall into the Don't category (and if I should ever see my picture with a black bar across my eyes, I will just cry - and go shopping). Anywho... every month I get an email from the "Glamspotters" asking me to complete a survey. Don't ask why, but I always do these. I did one a few weeks ago and forgot all about it.

Until today.

My doorbell rang at 12:30. I looked out the peephole and didn't see anyone, so I figured it had to be the UPS guy (he drops off packages, rings the bell, then takes off). I open the door and find a package sitting there. I wonder what I ordered (only now does the paranoid part of me think it could have been a bomb). Then, a closer look at the box shows "Glamour" on the shipping label. Now, I get excited! I open up the box and see this:Then, I move the letter, telling me to sample the products and expect an email to review them. I have never used this brand, so I'm excited to see how my hair responds to it. I won't try it during the week until I know my hair won't freak out (see this post about my newly formed hair sensitivity).

I have to go now because I need to get ready for work. I just wanted to share my exciting new title: Glamspotter!

NOTE: I read the letter from Glamour and it says I can't name the product or photograph it. Fearing I may lose my Glamspotter title, I removed the picture of the products from the post.
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