Friday, May 16, 2008

My Eyes! MY EYES!

So, I'm brushing my teeth while flipping through the new Sports Illustrated. Don't worry - I had the water turned off, so I wasn't being wasteful! I see an article I would normally skip: SI hangs with The Brewers. A quick glance to the right and I see this picture:
I think to myself: Oooh! Look at those cute boys (shortstop J.J. Hardy & rightfielder Corey Hart - REALLY!)! They're playing ping pong by the pool. What's that - OH MY GOSH! Bob Uecker is standing by without a shirt watching them. Here's where I nearly spit out my toothpaste! What is he DOING? That's Mr. Baseball! Is he waiting to hit on the girls J.J. and Corey cast aside? Does he want to play the winner of the next game? Or is he just being creepy, watching two young guys whack a ball back and forth?

If I had seen this last week, I would have put the following in the poll: seeing old guys without their shirts.

BTW... time's nearly up to vote in my summer, summer, summertime poll. Get to it, people!
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