Monday, May 19, 2008

I've Been A (Reading) Fool

I don't just read stuff online!

I read some of Stephenie Meyer's The Host this weekend. I also read a few magazines. One article that I just loved was on Willie Nelson. He's on the cover of May's Texas Monthly.
What I liked about the article was that it wasn't an interview (TM has been there, done that a million times). It was just Willie's friends, telling stories about him from his childhood up to present times. The guy has an incredible list of songs that's he's written. Oh, and as for that whole pot thing, he says he does it to control his "rage." WHAT??? Willie has rage? That surprises me. Then again, I only know him as the lovable pothead (after all, I did call him the Potfather in a previous post).

Anyway, that's my recommended reading for the day!
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