Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Outing

So, I decided to do something different today. I went to the Witte this morning. Parking around that joint is crazy! They've got like 50 spots for the whole thing! I parked at Brackenridge Park, then walked to the museum. It was nice outside, a little cloudy, not hot. I saw geese fight - and they were HUGE!

I turned the corner near the museum and saw a tour bus from Mexico. Then, I spotted a bunch of teenagers. I decided I needed to hustle to get to the entrance so I could get in before the kids (yes, I am old and teenagers in general bug me). A couple gets in line behind me and I'm a little repulsed. They're covered in hickeys and making out. They look like they haven't bathed in a while (is this what happens at the museum?!?). Then, they start making out (slurping noises and all). Then she calls him a pedophile. His response: "Thank you." Ewww. Once inside, I pony up my $25 to see Our Body and try like mad to get away from that nasty couple. Now, if you're not familiar with the exhibit, there's a lot of this:

Now, we did a story when the exhibit arrived. It is not the ones using the unclaimed bodies.

Still, it was a little strange to get that close to a stranger. I mean, you see every muscle, bone, organ, vein and then some. It really was an educational experience. Though, I was bothered by some of the really young kids (there were some that were toddlers!) wandering about looking at all that. I suppose if you teach kids about the science of the body, it's not that weird. But I did see a girl, who appeared to be 7-8, staring at one of the body's franks and beans.

It's not terribly morbid. There were some parts, where the bodies are dissected in such a way that you see full body, then pieces missing, that I was reminded of Dexter.

About an hour later, I had enough. I walked back to the park and decided to take a few pictures. There were huge lily pads in the river. Then, I spotted some ducks - even a little duck family! Too cute! If you scroll down on the blog, you'll see them in the slide show

Now, I'm going to try to get motivated to do something other than watch the So You Think You Can Dance marathon on MTV! I love that show and can't wait until it returns Thursday!
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