Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only In Texas

So I'm driving home Sunday afternoon, shuffling through music on my iPod and trying to stay awake (I'm not gonna lie, I got VERY sleepy on the drive - as far as I know, I did not doze off on the highway, though Charley did). There was a lot of traffic, and I had to put the pedal to the metal and do 80 most of the way so I wouldn't get run off the road. Then, this truck entered the highway, somewhere near George West.

I get the whole tailgating thing. But seriously? Welding a pit onto the back end of your vehicle and hauling that baby around all the time? Unless there's a refrigerated cab, what's the point? It's not like you can just say, "I'm so hungry I have to pull over and fire up the pit" or "Sure I could go grab a sandwich, but on my lunch break I'm gonna light a fire and make a burger and some hot dogs. Smelling like BBQ for the rest of the day at work? That'll just make my co-workers jealous."

Add this to the list of things I don't get. Unless someone at work (who can show proof of a health permit) pulls into the parking lot with one of those puppies. Then, sign me up for dinner hot off the grill!

PS - I apologize for not getting a better picture. I was trying to keep from dying on the highway and that photo is the best I could do with my phone!
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