Friday, May 9, 2008

Word To Retire

Young people come up with words often to replace the ones old people use. One of them: bling.

I've decided that if you have not retired it, you should now. This was on the AP wire today:

AP-TX--Drug Dealer's Bling (Tops),0136

Fight over drug dealer's jewelry headed toward compromise

McALLEN, Texas (AP) -- A convicted member of a Mexican drug cartel has reached a deal to keep his fight over two pieces of jewelry from going to a Texas jury.

Carlos Landin Martinez was sentenced to life in prison last month on drug trafficking charges.

But in a separate case, prosecutors sought the forfeiture of a thick gold chain and gem-studded pendant Landin was wearing when he was arrested in McAllen last year.

Landin was caught in a grocery store when a federal drug agent recognized him.

Terms of the deal with prosecutors haven't been disclosed.

The jewelry was appraised at $12,400, and prosecutors alleged it was purchased with Landin's ill-gotten gains.

Landin also awaits trial in another drug trafficking case, in which he has pleaded not guilty on five counts.
So, stop using it. Or don't - if you want me to make fun of you. Wait. I'll probably do that anyway. Just stop using "bling." It should be dead to you.
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