Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In The News

Since I work in news, it should not surprise you to find actual news in this blog every now and then. I'm going to start with something that makes me sad.
The polar bear is now a protected species. When I saw the Planet Earth series, it made me sad to see what's become of the polar bears. They're just beautiful! Many of them drown because they keep swimming for a food source and there are fewer icebergs for them to rest on. If you haven't seen this series, get out there and rent/buy it!

The other story in the news today...
Look at that! The first sign I've seen in a LONG time that Hillary might finally get the heck outta the race so the REAL politicking can begin! Aren't they dreamy? Kinda like two brothers from another mother. Before you Hillary lovers start hating on me, just know that I'm not opposed to a woman being President (really, grandma, I'm not). Just not HER. I can't bring myself to vote for her. And McCain...don't get me started there. That's all the politics I'm gonna talk tonight. I'm going to find a way to calm myself so I can focus on my show without my head exploding.
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