Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun With Consultants

This is a picture of Charles from our website. It's not a Glamour Shots photo. It looks like most of our station mugshots taken for our IDs. Back to Charles. You see, just by looking at the photo, you can tell he's a nice guy. If you can't tell, trust your friend Nicole when I say he is. And he's funny. Sometimes.

Monday night, we did not have Charles as a reporter because he had spent the whole day meeting with the company's experts on appearance (see, this is why I'm glad I'm not on air anymore). They took a look at his wardrobe, went shopping, even gave Charles some critiques. And if he didn't get what they said in person, he got these cute drawings to further illustrate what changes they think he should make:

I think they're pretty good! I think more guys should get advice like this. Get a customized drawing so they can go to a salon (a MANLY one - not a girly one), hand them to the people with the scissors and tweezers and get all done up!

I should note Charles was not involved in my photographing of these drawings. I did not have permission. But I just wanted to share it. Look for a whole new Charles! Maybe the changes will bring him good luck (though I'll probably still call him "No Luck Chuck")!
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