Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HIMYM - The Finale

I'm sad last night's episode was the last of the season. Ted was in an accident that changed his life. I won't tell you what I thought after seeing his friends drop everything and make the mad dash to the hospital only to find Ted sitting in a hospital room eating Jello. I will share my favorite lines:

Barney phrase of the episode: date time continuum. That means you never make plans with a girl further in the future that is longer than you've been going out.

Robin said Bruce Springsteen was like the American Bryan Adams!

Friends, and fellow fans of this show, I'm on the hunt for screen grabs of Ted's life flashing before his eyes. I'll update it here if/when I find it. I think it's very likely Stella is his kids mother. At least for another season.

I'm hoping Barney's blog will get updated over the summer so I can get a little dose of him!
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