Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm "Mental"

If you know me, that title is NOT news. But I'm not just talking about the fact that I'm a head case. I'm talking about one of my FAVORITE magazines, Mental Floss.
I've been reading the current issue and, like with every issue, I'm learning about some crazy stuff. Don't worry. My little brain will let go of it soon. One thing I read about are these crazy feats of architecture and engineering happening around the world. There's one in particular that I'm itching to see when it's completed next year. It's in Dubai. Watch this video if you want to see some animation showing what it will look like (turn your speakers down if you don't want the music).

It's being called the world's tallest building. They're being secretive about exactly how tall it will be, other than to say it will top off around 2,300 square feet! You can watch the progress of the construction here.

I'm accepting cash donations to send me there (round-trip, people - I'm not staying there forever). If you want this magazine, I'll give it to you. Just give me a good, descriptive reason in the comments section.
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