Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cars? Number One?

I was looking at my music on iTunes this morning and clicked on the Top 25 Most Played. I was surprised at the songs I've listened to most. I'll give you the top 5.

1. Drive - The Cars.
2. My Sharona - The Knack
3. Lady - Styx
4. FutureSex/LoveSound - Justin Timberlake
5. Our Lips Are Sealed - Go Go's

I usually just have my iPod on shuffle, whether I'm listening to the music at home or in the car. And you should know that when I got my new computer about a year ago, all my settings got lost, so those are only the top 25 songs I've played in the last year. I think it's interesting because I have more than 1700 songs in the trusty iPod (and there's 18.51 GB available).
I wonder what would be number one if it factored the nearly three years I've had my iPod? With the exception of JT (and it surprises me to see that song in the top 5), everything is old. What does that say about me?

So I have a challenge for you readers: take a look at your top 25! What's in it?
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