Thursday, May 22, 2008

Your American Idol

Or not. David Cook beat little David Archuleta (the short guy on the left) by 12 million votes last night. Who cares? Well, I do.

I did not like Mr. Cook early on in the competition. He had to win me over. You see, in the first few weeks, when they'd have gals and guys perform on two different nights, I noticed he'd remain seated, or he'd stand with his arms folded, in response to the performances. I thought, "What a jerk!"

Then, he covered Lionel Richie's "Hello."

And he had me.

Week after week, I was surprised at how much I liked Cook. And when Michael Johns, that good looking Australian guy (the one talking into Cook's ear in the above photo), was given the boot, I decided Cook would have to do.

I was convinced the younger David would take the prize last night because that appeared to be who the judges wanted to win. I liked him a little in the beginning, but then became annoyed by him. I mean, stealing a phrase from Simon, that kid sounds like he's being forced to perform old people songs at a wedding (and if you heard anything about his stage dad, you'd think that's likely).

So here's to D.C. I hope he can find a career outside of Idol. I have until January to decide if the show deserves to have me as a viewer. I'll accept bribes.
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