Thursday, May 8, 2008


I know it's May and it's time to warm up, but THIS is RI-DI-CUUUU-LOUS!!!
Look at that Friday forecast! 97 freaking degrees! My threshold is 92. Anything above that and I'm miserable. Yet another reason I'm glad I'm not a reporter. At least I'll be out of the sun. I won't say in a nice, cool newsroom because that's no guarantee. Our ghetto A/C doesn't always work.

I'm just glad it appears my days of coming to a hot home are over. The new thermostat is functioning properly. My glowing new friend is still being difficult. Just when I think I have a program entered, it'll do something like not let me enter a temperature lower than 84. Who on EARTH could be comfortable like that? What's the point of air conditioning?

Just so you know, the A/C is one of my favorite inventions. I hate the heat. I know, I should move. But I hate moving, too. If those megamillions jerks would have given me my numbers Tuesday night, I'd have taken my $70 some-odd million and found a place where I could be comfortable year-round. Or at least keep my house nice and cool all day long, the threat of a sky-high electric bill not enough to keep me from leaving doors open if I feel like it!

UPDATE: So, when I "borrowed" that forecast graphic, I didn't realize it would keep updating! This pains me to say, but score one for!
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