Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Torn

I saw this in the comics this morning and could relate - well, without the spinning class part. You see, I'm concerned about those things. They just don't occupy my mind as often as, say, what to watch/read/listen to in my leisure time. Is that wrong? Should I be a "global thinker?" I think I've made some changes for the good. For example...
  • I pay more attention to where I'm going, so I don't have to waste precious gas while I'm out
  • I've become more conscious of brining my lunch to work so I'm (again) not wasting gas or money (or food for that matter - I was throwing out groceries at a sickening pace for a while)
  • I've been supporting ONE for a while (not just because Bono told me to)
  • It kind of started out as a gag gift to the grandparents, but I've happily made donations to World Vision
  • I've ordered Sigg aluminum water bottles so I don't have to buy plastic bottles of water and clutter the environment (now, I can just get someone to put a fridge in the newsroom so I can put some filtered water in there...)
  • I'm using the heck out of my ginormous recycling bin
Still, I sometimes feel silly when I'm doing things (like writing on this blog while the television is on in the living room). I guess I'm writing this post as an attempt at feeling good about what I have done so far. And I suppose knowing that I could do so much more is part of my global education. I'm going to see how Oprah does on her vegan cleanse before deciding if I should give that a try. I just don't know if I can live in a world without cheese. The horror!
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