Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Angry With The IRS

I was excited when I learned the government would start sending out stimulus checks sooner than they first said. Then, I was really excited to see their chart, which said I should get mine in the first week. As I write this, I have still NOT received this check. I turned to google and got angry when I saw this:

Anyone who used a third party tax preparer/service and had fees taken out of their refund, (for example H&R Block, Tax Act, and others), got a RAL or rapid refund anticipation loan, etc...the direct deposit received then was actually from that third party preparer/service, and NOT directly from the IRS, which is why now many people are discovering that the "schedule" put out by the IRS is not factual, if the above applies to you. They should update their website to explain this situation, and that anyone in the above situation will now be under the mailing schedule, instead of the direct deposit schedule.

Now, I filed my taxes as I have for years with H&R Block online. I did not get a loan, though. I'm pretty sure the money was directly deposited by the IRS (I got frustrated going through my bank account online this morning). So what is the deal? And why don't those jerks at the IRS have any answers to that question? These FAQs were the only ones on their website. I called their hotline to see if what I found online was true and it was every bit as helpful (sarcasm there) as the website.

So, now I'm especially cranky with the government. Writing it here probably won't help me. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm audited. If you want to tango with me, Uncle Sam, bring it. And you'd better show up with a check in hand!
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