Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to wish my moms a happy mother's day! These are my two moms. I know what you're thinking. They're sisters. The one on the left is my real mom, the one on the right is my fun mom! (This picture was taken a few years ago at Minute Maid Park - moms, we need to get you two together for a new photo!)

That does not mean real mom isn't fun. She is. Real mom does things like fishing, helps paint my house and sings made up songs to me. True. I usually roll my eyes at the last one (along with my brother & dad). She will also take care of me when I'm sick (when we're in the same town). I think she favors the dog a little more than me, but she says I'm her favorite daughter.

Here's how fun mom came about... Yes, she's my aunt. But I started calling her fun mom because she'll do things real mom doesn't like. You know, things like seeing shows and movies, and our FAVORITE - shopping! We can talk each other into dropping cash like *that*! Oh, and we know how to shop. See, real mom walks into a store and must look/touch everything. Fun mom and I can cruise a store, or skip it based on a window. We only stop to look at things we might buy. We don't look at things we would not buy - that's real mom's gig.

The moms have a lot in common. We have fun when we're all together, whether it's at a mall or a ballpark. And I know they love me, just like I love them. I don't just say it on mother's day, though I am making the world aware of it on this special day!

Now, go call your mother(s)!

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