Thursday, May 15, 2008

Suck It, Oil Companies

Now, when I write this, I'll exclude Uncle Larry's company. The others can SUCK IT.

It's sad times when I no longer wait until the little light comes on telling me I need to gas up. Now, when I get near 1/4 tank left, I fill 'er up. Why? Because I'm afraid prices will jump even more by the time I get close to empty, so I take advantage of the price at the moment. Today, was the highest I've paid yet.

That's $3.65 for one gallon of regular unleaded at the friendly Shell station near my house. So I thought it was quite a steal, considering I paid about $32 for 8.5 gallons. I would have stopped at Costco, but I didn't have time to sit in line. That should be criminal. I know the prices are higher in other places, but I live in South Texas - they FREAKING MAKE GAS DOWN HERE! Shouldn't we get some backyard discount?

I read this, and I felt a little better. Apparently, I'm not the only one irritated with oil companies these days. I have learned something from this. I know that I will be a more cautious consumer - looking at pump prices instead of just stopping at the closest place to me. I will not buy a new car that gets less than 30mpg - no matter how cute it is. I will scream "suck it!" every time I pass a gas station until they lower prices below $3.

Until then, I'll keep updating you with every fill up what I'm paying. What's gas running in your neighborhood? Drop it in the comments!
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