Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bright, Shiny Saturday

So, I'm up early this morning, getting ready for a road trip - which I'm sure will provide me with new blog material - and turn on the news. At first glance I think, "Wow! That's a bright yellow jacket!"
Why does this make the cut? Because friends (and strangers who read this), it's a puffy jacket!!!

Isn't that FANTASTIC?!?! I mean look at the puffs on those babies! Oh, and for you dirty boys going "YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH" you should stop that. I am specifically talking about the sleeves, not boobies.

I saw it and instantly thought of this. I know it's not as cool as the puffy shirt, but come on! It's a Saturday morning at 8AM. What's not to like? You're welcome.
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