Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pharmacies can SUCK IT

Yesterday, on my way to work, I stopped at a nearby pharmacy to get one prescription refilled and drop off two other prescriptions. This should have been a very easy task. Not so much.

First, I sat at the drive-thru window for three minutes before one of the FOUR people in the pharmacy responded to my repeated buzzing. Then, finally, one came to help me. She sent out the tray so I could send my prescriptions to her. She walked away. Another three minutes passed (I was watching the clock) and she finally returned to collect my prescriptions. She said they would be ready in an hour. I said I'd pick them up the next day.

This morning, I wake up a little early (it's trash day and the days I sleep till my usual time, the trash truck comes early, so I try to beat it each Tuesday). I haul out my ginormous trash can, then get in the car to go get my drugs. Again, I sit at the drive-thru for three minutes while I wait for someone to respond to my buzz. Finally, a woman comes to the window, gets my information, then goes off to retrieve my pills. She returns with just one of my three Check Spellingprescriptions - the refill!

I tell her there are two more. I explain they were written prescriptions. She walks off and returns with those same prescriptions in hand. THEY HAD NOT BEEN FILLED! What the heck happens in that room with all the magical drugs? So, then she says she'll take care of it right away. Five minutes later, she sends my remaining prescriptions out.

Here's what I don't understand: (1) how can they just fill one prescription and not the others? (2) why is it that when I dropped them off the day before, it would take an hour, but this morning they could get to it in five minutes?

Pharmacies need to learn how to run a drive-thru like a fast food joint. Give me my stuff in 10 minutes or less (preferably less). JERKS.
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