Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day - unless you're from England. In which case you're probably giving us the middle finger today.

If you thought I was going to get all historic on you and explain why we celebrate this day with fireworks or barbecues, you're mistaken.

I learned something new today: when you leave hot dogs on the grill for too long, they pop open. Oh, they also get much bigger (though that's temporary). So, don't do that.

Also, I'm hoping to spend the night enjoying the peace and quiet inside my home. So, neighbors, if you stumble upon my blog, kindly refrain from setting off fireworks here. My grass is so dry it hurts to walk on it. I hand watered it briefly this evening, but I know it's not enough to protect it from fire (it's probably not enough to protect it from the stupid sun, either).

I've been looking for something patriotic on TV all day. So far, I've struck out. So I'll leave you with one of my favorite patriotic songs. Enjoy!
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