Friday, July 31, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Katie Holmes escaped a burning car! Thank goodness! Otherwise, we might never see her dance again!

Candy Spelling proves that she's a good mom, by sending a celebrity site an open letter for her daughter, Tori. Because that's how you fix your broken relationship.

Some US swimmer, not Douchey McDouche, had a wardrobe malfunction at the worst possible time. Not sure if it slowed him down.

What happened to Batman?

Rupert Everett (remember him?) apparently has a one-way ticket on the crazy train.

Let's start sending Madonna hamburgers. NOW. Seriously - have you seen her lately?

The lovely January Jones is being told to knock off the skinny.

The cast of "Saved By The Bell" is reuniting - and it feels so good (even without Screech).

Never thought I'd say this, but let's give Jessica Simpson a break. She got dumped (again). And she said something stupid (again).

I'm leaving you with another video - this one of a little boy who can dance. Check him out!
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