Friday, July 17, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

If you liked "The Hangover," maybe you'll like the sequel when it's released in two years.

Yet another example of Hollywood's lack of originality: Hong Kong Phooey is coming to the big screen.

I'm still not sure what the Green Hornet did, but this movie keeps getting press. I still won't see it if Cameron Diaz is in it.

Speaking of comic book heroes turned into movies, Natalie Portman will be in "Thor." I thought that was made up for "Adventures in Babysitting."

One more geek item: see what's sure to be the "get" at Comic-Con.

It's official: Neil Patrick Harris is the new host of everything! Next up: The Emmy Awards.
Apparently, Farrah Fawcett cannot rest in peace. Her diary is going to be published. I don't keep a diary, but if I did, I would certainly haunt anyone who tried to have it published (FYI - it would be SO juicy!).

OMG - Nicole Richie is SO fat! Oh, wait. She's pregnant.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo broke up. If you REALLY care, you can look at this slideshow of their happier times.

On a happier note, Robert Redford got married.

Amy Winehouse is back! She looks less coke head, more 90s eye makeup model.

Someone told Renee Zellweger that I only liked her in "Jerry Maguire" and "Bridget Jones." They're bringing Bridget back.

Jennifer Garner has figured out she's better on the tube.

Speaking of comebacks... Whitney Houston's new album drops soon. Take a look at the cover! Note: You might want to turn down your speakers because the site blasts her music - not the new stuff!

Jada Pinkett Smith needs to stop talking about her sex life with Will Smith. Seriously. Stop.

This might be the most disturbing thing I've seen all week (and I've seen a lot). I still don't get why people feel the need to take pictures of themselves like that and put it out there. Maybe I'm too old for such things.

The crazy train has made another stop. It's latest passenger: Mischa Barton. I'd go crazy, too, if no one would hire me.

So this is what Anderson Cooper is hiding under his suits! WOW! No, Mom. I still can't marry him.
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