Friday, July 10, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Zac Efron finally cut his hair!

Janet from "Three's Company" got caught DWI. No word on whether she was leaving the Regal Beagle - or if Chrissy had anything to do with it. Note: If you have the unpleasant experience of taking a mugshot, perhaps you should not make the face she made.

The Big Ragoo also allegedly got his drink on and drove. This makes me wonder if there's a movie coming based on "Three's Company" or "Laverne & Shirley." That would TOTALLY make me drink. Please, Hollywood, STOP MAKING OLD TV SHOWS INTO MOVIES!

Justin Timberlake is apparently writing a book about golf. Unless he's writing about his crazy times with Britney, I won't be reading it.

Those "Housewives" of NYC are trying to keep it real - REAL EXPENSIVE. They apparently want raises to do another season. Why? They're not even the most interesting of the bunch?

Future hussies can dress like Miley Cyrus - if the tween star was put on a super cheap budget. She's developing a line for Wal-Mart.

Add Ryan Gosling to the list of hyphenates. The actor is working on an album.

Lindsay Lohan is actually turning down work - including a movie that turned out to be a surprise hit. Who knew?

I'm beginning to understand why the fellas are interested in Megan Fox.She's apparently willing to do anything for a movie role.

Gwyneth Paltrow says you should do a cleanse. I am, starting with her movies. Ahhh. I feel much better.

Any interest I had in the "Green Hornet" movie is fading fast now that Cameron Diaz may join the cast.

Yeah, Ben Affleck, this is why I don't like you. Truth: you just don't make good movies. You're no Casey.

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster may star in a movie together. It just sounds dirty. And not good.

And guys will be guys - no matter what country they lead or how beautiful the wife.
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