Sunday, July 5, 2009


Back in January, I vowed to read more (among other things). Well, I finally finished a book I started just before the end of last year. Now, in my defense, this one was seriously long. It was an autobiography. And it was not always a fun read. But I stuck with it. I finished it. YAY!

So why the celebration? Because this book I tackled was Barbara Walters "Audition." I could have done without knowing about her sexual escapades (seriously - she could be my Grandmother - and I don't want to know that much about either of them). But Barbara didn't just cover history, she made it. She broke some serious ground for women in journalism. For that, I am grateful. But it became quite tedious, which is why I kept putting it down and leaving it on the nightstand for weeks at a time.

What's also impressive to me is Barbara's memory. You see, I can't remember conversations I had yesterday, let alone those from my childhood! She also had some interesting insight into Presidents and world leaders.

But I do have to say, one of the reasons I probably didn't dedicate more time to finishing this book is that it's heavy. I made the mistake of buying the large print edition. That made it about twice as big as the regular book. It's a weapon!

The book wasn't awful (I've definitely read worse). It was informative. It just wasn't that entertaining. Now, I'm rummaging through my nightstand to choose the next book. I'm hoping for one that will make it hard for me to put it down. I want to finish the next book before September. I'll keep you posted!
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