Monday, March 15, 2010

"Hall of Fame" Less Rock, More Roll

Here's something you may not know about me: I love music! Love it! Can't get enough of it. In fact, I was disappointed I was not iTunes 10 billionth downloader. I really could have used that swag. TIP: Never look at your purchased music. It will only depress you. I could have taken a really nice vacation - but instead have spent way too much money on music. But it makes me happy. And I suppose since my iPod is good to me, it's better than being crammed on a plane next to someone with body odor who wants to lean in and talk to me.

Back on subject...

I was looking over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. What is going on?


These people are NOT rockers. They sing silly pop songs. Even one of the group's founders is surprised at the induction. Now, I do enjoy singing along with their music. But I hardly think they belong at this Hall of Fame. Cleveland rocks? Um, not with ABBA.


I am on the fence about this one. They play instruments. Their songs are hard to forget. But ROCK? Not exactly. They're more pop-rock. And if this gets buy, it's only a matter of time before Al Yankovic makes the cut.

The Hollies

Not sure these guys qualify as rockers. Maybe back in the day, they were rocking more than other bands, but I'd say they're also more pop. Maybe a little more soul/R&B sounding. Bee Gee-esque. Nothing wrong with that.

Jimmy Cliff

Kids will be excited about this! They'll recognize him from "The Lion King." Reggae. Pop. Not rock. Beginning to think there should be a Pop Music Hall of Fame - or is that the Hard Rock Cafe?

The Stooges

Now, these guys rock! They totally fit in! So, why isn't there more of this?

I'm beginning to think The Hall felt the need to reach out there to get a different crowd interested in its ceremony. Kind of like how John Mayer talks about sex with his exes for attention. It backfires. Stick to rock music, Cleveland! There are plenty more out there. Leave the pop artists for other groups. I want to rock - not bop around to pop music!
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