Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I ♥ Kate Winslet, so this news makes me sad. However, she does seem OK with it.

I hope this Sandra Bullock news is not true. Though this makes me believe it. And Jesse James isn't exactly denying things.

If you care about "The Hills," you might need to know this.

I could totally watch a reality show centered on Mike Tyson.

Mel Gibson may be making his last movie.

Paula Abdul may be back on TV soon. Or not.

Here's a movie I won't be seeing.

At one time, I was rolling my eyes at the thought of seeing "MacGruber." Now, I'm intrigued.

OOOH! More good Betty White news!

Here's some "Glee"tastic news.

What happened to Carla Bruni?

Look! It's the anti-Marky Mark!

Charlie Sheen has a sober coach. That's not surprising. What is surprising is that there is such a job. I would be so good at that! "Hey, you! Put that down before I knock it out of your hands!" If you need me, put your contact info in the comments.

"Basic Instinct" stars reunite and I can't tell which has had more surgery.

Larry King asks my beloved Betty White some creepy questions.

Stephanie Seymour: rare breed of 40-something who looks good in a bikini.

Another example of a bad idea from Hollywood.

RIP, Ping Ping!

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