Saturday, March 13, 2010

Interesting Layout

So, I'm flipping through the new "People" magazine on a lazy Saturday afternoon and I come across this page:
I questioned Rihanna's outfit earlier this month. Imagine my surprise when I see the photo comparing her crazy green outfit to Gumby. Is that the look she was going for when she chose that? Does she have a sylist (if so, FIRE that girl - she's your enemy!)? Or is she just so far ahead of fashion that in, like, six months, EVERYONE will want to look like that?

Then, I looked at the photos on the right. Look at the ladies from "Ugly Betty."
They look like they're shrieking in fear of the Girly Green Monster! It's like Rihanna's looking at them going "ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR! I will crush you!"

Then, there's crazy Britney.
I mean, it's like she's laughing. She might even be saying, "Y'all, I could have rocked that when I had my shaved hair! But, then people would have made fun of me and stuff. I need Starbucks."

I know the photos aren't related (I'm not that crazy - yet). But I was just amused by the three photos on the page. I give props to the layout editor who was all, "Let's put these photos on the same page because I think it's funny." What? You don't think that happens? Let me give you a little inside tip: If you look crazy or make a funny face and there's video/photos of it, don't be surprised if it doesn't turn up on TV/magazine/website. That's GOLD!

In conclusion, Rihanna, please stop choosing your clothing from the crazy wheel. And if you're letting people on chatroulette choose your wardrobe, stop. They're just having a good time at your expense. However, I do give you kudos for pulling off that silly outfit without camel toe. That would have wound up on a whole different website. Trust me. It's out there. Don't Google it. You'll hate yourself in the morning.
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