Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I LOVE Michael Sheen

The other day, I was telling my brother that I would see anything Michael Sheen is in. He said, "Really?" I couldn't believe he was shocked. Then, he said, "That guy from 'Two And A Half Men?' The coke head?" "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. "THE most awesome actor ever!" So, here:
There he is. Michael Sheen. Love him. Love his movies. Love his ability to play real people (OK, Brits) with such amazing talent that I cannot get enough!

I first was blown away by him in "The Queen."

Yes, Helen Mirren was uh-MAZE-eeng as Queen Elizabeth. But I could not take my eyes off of this guy playing Tony Blair! I mean, he was the voice of reason to an old lady with a great hat and super conservative bag.

I never thought The Queen loved Princess Diana. But I absolutely believed Michael Sheen's Tony Blair when he convinced the old lady to allow a public tribute to the Princess. He was a young Prime Minister, finding his way. He stood up to HRH with respect. She listened.

Who is this guy? And why am I wanting him to star in a movie about Tony Blair? That's all I could think of when I was sitting in the theater watching that film. So, I waited for his next move.

Sure, Frank Langella brings the crazy in his portrayal of Richard Nixon. I thought Oliver Stone's "Nixon" was absurd. I mean, could a guy actually get elected President if he was that crazy? Were Americans duped into voting for a guy who belonged in a nice white room in a fancy jacket that ties in back?

But there was something about this film that revealed Nixon's desire to be accepted and understood. Knowing it was based on actual interviews, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Nixon. But perhaps it's the news person in me that felt more sorry for David Frost. Nixon was a big "get." It was getting him to actually sit down and talk that was an even bigger chore.

Michael Sheen showed the agony anyone who's ever scored a victory, only to wonder if it's all that it's cracked up to be, slip through his fingers. There were moments of pure brilliance in both performances. But I kept wondering who was capturing my eye more. And every time Michael Sheen was on screen, I knew he was the winner.

The tragedy in this whole film: "Invictus" was released around the same time. Now, I love Matt Damon, but "The Damned United" was a film that I desperately wanted to see. It wasn't in theaters long here, so I had to wait for my Netflix delivery.

You should know that I don't really love soccer - or football as it's called here. I didn't know anything about Brian Clough. But by the end of the film, I absolutely LOVED this guy! He would do anything to build a team and make it good. Then, he'd move on. He had ambition. He loved the sport. And by the end, I wanted more.

Seeing the real footage of Clough made me see just how brilliant Michael Sheen is. I will not hesitate to get to the theater on opening weekend whenever I know he's starring in a film.

Maybe you don't love movies as much as I do. That's OK. We can still be friends. But I ask you to check out "30 Rock." Michael Sheen has been hilarious there!

I cannot WAIT until he returns in May!

So, the secret's out: Michael Sheen, I adore you!
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